The problem is corrected the slightest of the criticism of God of war subtitle


The score of the praise it has received and wonderful adorning the shelves last Friday after the day officially God of war news to keep coming. When the game came out, one of the points most criticized was about the size of subtitles. The subtitle system has been criticized by players, especially as little is normally 4K. Santa Monica Studio published an update on this topic that this criticism will be taken into account.

God of war little subtitle problem is fixed

With the new update of the game, subtitle, and it was reported that some changes were made in the interface. Added new option to the Settings tab of the game thanks, now we will be able to change the subtitle size. Moreover, this setting since it was released, the subtitles to a certain extent, will be left to the player as much as you want to enlarge or tucks.

The last update of the game outside of this description in conjunction with the photograph mode is released. Already enjoying fantastic views, in this game, you will be able to capture this photo again in any mode. Updates are also published together with new updates and fixes minor errors of these errors will be noted that already in the city decreased to a minimum.

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