The President of Venezuela, you are watching the resurrection Ertugrul also by doing cosplay


In our country, millions of viewers broke records with ratings Resurrection: Ertuğrul reputation of the series of the limits are exceeded. The show, which has become globally known in a series of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro‘s appeared followed by. Maduro, who is a staunch follower of the series resurrection, show to show love to our country by wearing old clothes sent his greetings in Turkish. Who is the screenwriter of the array Mehmet Bozdag‘s share photos on the Internet at a time come to the fore.

The President of Venezuela, the resurrection of fan output

Previously the British magazine the resurrection: Ertugrul series, “game of Thrones”‘s absence is shown as a range is the best course of action. Production, which has a large Resurrection: Ertuğrul sold to dozens of foreign countries. To enhance the brand value of Turkey and the resurrection: Ertuğrul tried to keep the series alive, the authorities, in conjunction with this movement, we can say that they are successful.

More Middle East region and Latin America regions of the directory that is marketed to millions of followers around the world. And how a Resurrection: Ertugrul, in the absence of game of Thrones really could be one of the best series that can be followed? Forget to mention your opinion in the comments.