The people who made the cheat for PUBG, this time, couldn’t get away from the police


Last year, battle Royale type of booming almost PUBG, in terms of the number of players currently Fortnite‘s behind, although it is still a great player and continues to make appealing to. The mass of the player of the game is quite large when the number of players found in the game fazlalasiyo quite malignant. The cheaters in trouble with PUBG, trying to clean up the game by banning players, although generating important contacts block these cheats. The cheats are quite popular in China mostly by Chinese hackers pubg is produced.

PUBG, the trickster, got caught by the police

Therefore, the Chinese police are doing their best to block the cheaters. This time, in China, the pub people have been detained by police in the name of producing 15 cheat. A total of 5.1 million dollars in fines for cheating the manufacturers, not to pay the money if they will be sentenced. Pirates of the internet that sells the trick for your money then the Chinese police in the country continues to pursue his quest of tricks.

Previously Counter Strike cheat on behalf of the people who made that captures the cops are very sensitive about people who have the name of the bad side of competitive Video Games.