The output of the second expansion pack of Destiny 2 made Warming


September 2017departing in destiny 2 continues to expand with new content. Production company Bungee, the first in the game destiny as destiny 2 will continue support for a long time. The new expansion pack 8 May Warming as of got his start.

As of May second expansion pack of Destiny 2 8 output realized Warming

The new expansion pack Warming players will return to Mars. New Rai: of Aspire Star’that may go through a new weapons, armor will have access to. With the new update to the game, the Valkyrie Javelin with a new weapon in addition to. Destiny 2, The second expansion pack from Warming, along with new story missions, Escalation Protocol that is named on a new mission, meet also with gamers in the land of Mars exploration in new areas. Escalation Protocol, with players increasingly difficult waves of enemies together, they will fight against. New weapons and armor degrade will be able to. Also the output of video palette new expansion was released. In the video posted, browsing to new weapons and armor that comes with the chance of Warming we seem to have caught. In the video below you can browse the published output.