The number of players who played The Sims battlefield and is quite high


Electronic Arts ‘s statement, according to the battlefield with the number of players has more than 54 million, while Sims seems to have reached 80 million people.

In 2018, Electronic Arts has been a year of growth and transformation

The publisher’s statement, according to Battlefield community 54 million as the number of players who played on all platforms, crossing Sims with the community in fiscal year 2018 PC and mobile platforms on the number of players seems to have reached 80 million.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson, of the fiscal year 2018 , FIFA, battlefield and The Sims series players arrive on more platforms such as the leading geography and more, this Electronic Arts stated that the year is strong in terms of growth and transformation. Next year new surprises in the game world, and experiences with the new IP, by creating a more competitive environment and Industry leadership on behalf of various subscription programs expressed that they would expand. Global communities is exciting to engage and entertain them, he added.

The company’s general and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen this year, Electronic Arts was another record year on behalf of the company, also developed, and expressed higher levels of success with the transformation of communication with the players. Their favorite games, players and more in depth content is what you want, to make it more stable for the company indicated that this situation made a contribution.