The new map is coming to the test servers of sanko pubg


Battlegrounds playerunknown’s‘the future of new maps and content previously announced. Production company Bluehole Studio ‘s new map Savage‘s name by changing re – opens the test phase.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in a larger map

Pubg the new map of the re-test phase

Entering the second test phase in the past week, savage Battlegrounds of the new map playerunknown’s just the players who have had access to a beta code. Next Friday, the day the savage map and re-enter the testing phase. The name, Sanyo will change to show that all this time Pubg players will have access to. On May 11 the testing process will begin on May 14 will end. So, we have just three days to test the new map. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds as compared to other maps , which is smaller Sanyo the map will be wrapped in the forests and rivers, and the rivers, you will be able to use the bot. We use to change the region on the river that divided the island with the boots it will be relatively easy. New map sanhok in the weather conditions may change. Blue Hole Games who don’t want to face any problem, by testing the new map in a manner that is open to all players, to make arrangements on the map according to the received return plans.

Pubg'nin yeni haritası Sanhok test sunucularına geliyor