The new hero of the seven Knights of the twin Bronze&joined Baransel


Netmarble Gamesmobile RPG game Knights who love the big update with a new hero and the hero maximum level to extend the ceiling Bronze&Baransel‘s announced that it has joined the game.

Hero Twin Bronze&Baransel has joined the game

Kahramana a maximum Ceiling has been upgraded from 46 to 50. With a change of ceiling level as the hero’s level goes up, players will find more Ustunlestirme advantage. Hero, 46, 48 and 50. reaches levels when using the players that gives the hero special abilities heroes of shadow ore will enable us to the personal belongings.

The first Twin heroes

New custom heroes Bronze&Baransel will make their exit first. Bronze&Baransel, a member of the Black knights and seven Knights are the heroes of the first Twin. Attack delivers a powerful performance with exciting capabilities. Knights celebrating Seven new heroes to be announced, the players, the first 6-star Fairfield Inn&Baransel when you get level 40 Bronze&Baransel will be able to receive.

The automatic renewal system has been added to the game. The system automatically replaces heroes in the deck and players are now level 30 in-game money can be obtained in a much easier way. Moreover, the hero is given when D was increased from 2 to 3 percent reached level 30 rubies, rubies, Ruby, and initially there is no longer a limitation with the Flex, which is limited to about 200.

Netmarble happy to private participation with the effectiveness of this update cock gives huge rewards. Activity participation will last for 4 weeks, and 9 players for free Special hero Picker, the mighty hero will be able to earn 2,000 rubies and a total of 6 selective.

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