The Ministry of youth and sports, and publishes its own report espor


Our country is League of Legends‘s growing quite quickly with the excretion eSpor sector, the Ministry of youth and sports also not silent. In a published report about young people these days preferred the leading sports eSpor, tells the story of how individuals espor was functioning away.

The Ministry of youth and sports, has published a new report for eSpor

The report of the Ministry published the description,

Although not much is known to the public, especially children and youth is spreading rapidly among both in Turkey and in the world in any sport to compete with the number of players and fans and that’s more than enough of her own industry, which has become an “e-sport” is a sport, whether or not useful to you that is harmful, for whom entered in a field of interest of how you got to today’s state of Turkey and the analysis of the state of the world.

In addition, Ministry officials, defines the sport,

Electronic Sports (e-sports), is presented as a new form of sports, and computer/Console/mobile platforms via online or offline, personal and/or Competitive team played as a multiplayer, digital games played with the various modes of a field can be defined as. 1 E-sports, computers/mobile/multiplayer games are played through digital console platforms can be defined as the most common name.

Finally if you want to read the entire report if the report can be found here.