The makers of CoD, battlefield and the old battle Royale game announces


DICE and Activision after leaving under the umbrella Studios Unbroken‘u of the Qur’an, the old Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Medal Of Honor has announced their new game the developers of the games. The studio’s first project, which is the fractured lands, a post-apocalyptic world set in. Other structurally battle Royale games a difference of non-fractured lands when we look at the posted video’s, we see that the driving mechanics in other games is better than battle Royale. The controller in our hands without the power to make such remarks of course. Experienced developers but gameplay mechanics wouldn’t expect from an amateur.

A new game from the developers of Call of duty and Battlefield battle Royale old

The company CEO is Paul who played across Europe, believes it has great potential in the fractured lands. Battle Royale is also still developing as new games are released type, Fortnite and PUBG‘s, we can say that job harder. The player is currently living with a loss PUBG, let’s stand firm in the face of the new battle Royale games?

In addition to all these, the fractured lands, which belongs to the genre of fps in Battlefield or call of Dutygameplay mechanics similar to to see we have a chance. If you want to participate in the beta process, which will start on June 8, You can visit the official site of the game.