The list was leaked of Sony’s E3 2018! What’s what in the list!


One of the biggest game fairs in the world of hosting 2018 and, in recent years E3 the notice also most Fair for now our days are numbered. Lists of companies with the approach of the date of the fair is also slowly began to leak. We met with some rumors about this before. In the last minute, Sony‘s E3 2018 list was leaked.

Sony’s E3 games in 2018, what do you have?

First of all, this is not an official statement. Yet if it is correct that we can take as we look at this list, which rumor has it, Sony‘s really to say that you were preparing for a big show. In the list of already announced games that will be announced along with the company’s many new gameplay we can see it performs. for example, announced at the recent E3 Expo, the ghost of Tsushima is rumored to be the future of for a gameplay video. With this game already Final Fantasy 7 gameplay video like a definitive view on the future of games.

Looking forward to the new games, got the surprise of many. Devil May Cry V this surprise, of course, are leading the charge. Also blue point games‘new game and Bloodborne‘s sequel, which was expected to be the Shadows Die Twice , code-named the game also found place in the list. If you remember this game, it was announced with a short teaser at the VGA ceremony in 2017. Of course, it’s a strange situation to look for the last of us Part II in the list. As we said at the beginning, this list is whether the list has the right at the Expo if gossip emerged as E3 we’ll see. The resulting list of gossip goes something like this;

Sony'nin E3 2018 listesi sızdırıldı! Listede neler var neler!