The link to the steam application from Apple veto!


Actually in the App Store for the application to the authorities the necessary checks and the application they did that would be published today reported. However, the last minute change with overlooked controls, the authorities said. Apple’s application guide, a“business dispute” because of his condition complies with the rules of the App Store app on they would put announced.

Incoming sensations, according to this barrier is the reason for the App Store’s app on all purchases a 30% share of cut that can be thought. The application because the steamclick like on your phone reflect the App Store from games to your games on steam you can play.

Valve the authorities, shared by the article Apple and the app store, this is its decision to ban managers to reconsider, says he is hoping. However, Apple in the mobile gaming sector, the Sunday share, that would narrow down thought the steam link of the App Store has a very bright future on the side.

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