The life cycle of the PlayStation 4, this time last came to the stage


Console generation eighth generation now slowly began to ebb. Which will complete the fifth year of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One‘S now, instead of the structure they give to the developers to decide what will be the new console. In parallel with these, the PlayStation brand boss John HTC, the PlayStation 4 with stunning issued a statement. HTC, went to the final stage of the life cycle of the PlayStation 4, He said. After this explanation, we can say that the new PlayStation would be announced at a date very close. The upcoming E3 Expo, the new PlayStation definitely, will be announced next year at the latest.

When it will be released on PlayStation 5?

The ninth generation will make the transition to a new generation of consoles that will offer what players like innovation if it is not clear. In addition, most statistical expert, PlayStation 5‘predicts that in 2018 will be in stores at the end. Personally, Sony, PlayStation 4, new PlayStation 3 the last of us I think would take down a game with. As you may recall, in the last period of the last of us released on the PlayStation 3, a console that came out in like 2006 had managed to get to sell to new users.