The license of 2019 will be located in the Turkish Super League in PES?


As of the last day, Konami PES 2019′, which will be found the league announced seven new licensed. Konami’s on Twitter “great news!” he announced the formation of the new League by saying. Well 2019 PES Premier Leaguewill take place in?

New licensed leagues in PES, which will be announced in 2019

License the license from Konami in the big leagues in terms of taking steps that your opponent gives up. However, these steps it wasn’t made the players very happy. As of the last day, Konami on the official Twitter account of Pro Evolution Soccer from give up to 2019, which will be in New licensed leagues announced. PES 2019, which will be in New licensed leagues include:

*Superliga (Barclays Premier League)

*Superliga Classic Quilmes (Argentine League)

*NOS Liga (Portuguese League)

*Raiffeisen Super League (Swiss League)

*Ladbrokes Premiership (Scottish League)

*Jupiter Pro League (Belgium League)

*Russian Premier League (Russian League)

UEFA Champions League, and Europa League by losing their language, attracted the criticism of the players from PES 2019 new information continues to come. 4K and HDR support on all platforms will be released with screenshots from PES 2019, and as understood from shared videos, I can say that the game would look quite nice. However, the issue about the graphics too much to give up without major problems in terms of licensing of 2019, where there are known fact. Konami in the next few days, 2 new League said it would announce more. Licensed Premier League will come into play as we’ll have to wait and see.