The legendary game Half-Life has never been so bloody and brutal we’ve seen


Making surely leaving mark into the world of the game Half-Life series is coming. Probably 3.the game that we’ll never see half-life will fall naturally from the agenda, it’s not like the series. For the first game pushed the boundaries a little prepared in case a new mode of the game.

Half-life, like doom, if it were, how would it look?

The producer of an offline mode zoomartis Half-Life mod new for making signed. Brutal half-life , which is called when we look at this fashion of course of our mind the doom series, and Brutal Doom is coming. Already the half-life of this completely new mod for Brutal Doomwas created inspired from.

Section is in beta stage and yet, the map will include new weapons we can choose in this mode. The most important feature of the mode is extremely bloody. At this point elements of the new physics, blood effects, and, of course, the effects of fragmentation have also been added to the game. when we look at the video posted, we see what’s outside of the limbs crumbling. For this reason, both video game lovers and for the little of age that is definitely a bit dangerous I have to state this special mode.

Brutal Half-Life mod of the game page here, you can browse from the promotional video below.