The legend of bum-Bo released a new gameplay trailer for


Binding of Isaac and binding of Isaac: Rebirth who worked on games such as Edmund McMillen, 2016 New Year had stated that it would come back on the market with some kind of a game. The binding of Isaac, which is a new type of “Room Shooter”I has made it popular, and in a way had added to the experience of the players very great the type. Good results in the two games alan McMillan, “the myth of the boom-bo” named after two years of construction, the players introduced.

A strange combination, but can draw attention.

Before puzzle and RPG elements which combines weird Japanese games I’ve seen. But with the addition of this type of binding Isaac Edmund mcmillen got even more weirded out to the universe. The legend of Bum-in the trailer for Bo, simple story (if someone Bum-Bo’s is stealing money and BAM-bo wants his money back) and we can see the gameplay.