The last game in Istanbul ManMade, waiting for your support


Adventure, action and exploration that combines elements of man-made game called Turkish, this time on Kickstarter waiting for your support in the campaign. Mysterious in the streets of Istanbul, that improves the passing Game Studios Cbilab according to the statements of the team, we will fight against the dangers in the city controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence.

ManMade Turkish in Istanbul last game

A lovely person and relevant to the game developer to the team newsletter published way:

Manmade, Anika and Kaan named features two separate playable characters. The players, the world, different history, culture and beliefs from the eyes of two different people will be able to experience. A futuristic detective game that offers experience, attention to detail is important in adventure that took place during the course of the game. Venues explore, to overcome difficult situations, will provide the necessary information for you to uncover the truth and convince people.

Actors and real performances are used for a game where the faces of the actors to digitize 3-dimensional scanning method was used. IKinema to capture the movements of the actors body and facial movements to capture, FaceWare technologies are used.