The last fps type horror game is coming May 1 DeadEnd


Azeri game developer AzDimension, that hosts the elements of fear and horror in a FPS type game , the last dead end’that would be published on May 1 announced. According to the press release, the game is the main feature of the story that attracts the attention of the old city’.

Fear factor is a combination of historic sites and

The old city, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Bakuis located in the old part of the city. Ancient walls, towers, caravanserais, mosques and the city that hosts archaeological monuments, hosts thousands of years of history.

The basis of the game in time for the country fire worshippers of Azerbaijan’s former East Zoroastrianism is based on the conception that it is the birthplace of the religion. Renowned American author dan brown’s various works in the game, and the developers of the various motifs in the creation of the image of the hero, it is stated that it is effective.

The story of the game, the international television channel from the United States to assist on a film shoot for a young scientist who returns to his hometown Farhad’is about the adventures of. In this region, the ancient Zoroastrian depending on the religion, and our hero is experiencing some strange events, Farhad, sets out to investigate the causes of these events.

You can watch the promotional video below of the game.