The infinity war-the famous scene in the movie, why didn’t you?


First, as always, spoiler alert for those who don’t watch the movie. Record the running for Avengers: Infinity War, the movie about the border on the way to 2 billion new comments continue to come in. If you were watching a movie, you may have noticed that some of the scenes in the trailer wasn’t in the movie. Especially Captain America‘s hero running toward the camera in this Scene a group led by one of the most anticipated scenes. Moreover, in this Scene the Hulk‘I even we’ve seen. Well, this scene in the movie, did not take place why?

Just that particular scene in the movie Avengers, why didn’t you?

That Description from the film’s directors Anthony Russocame from. Who made a statement on the subject Russo, who keeps showing only the trailer and in the trailer of the film of this scene that was taken for the promotion stated. “That scene…as you can see, at no time in the movie was not. This version of the scene, not the movie, the trailer of the movie was filmed for the words” who utters Anthony Russo, gave the answer to the question or so.

“You should be mindful of what’s in the trailer. Because when you’re watching the trailer, you seen what actually happens in the film,” said Russo, thus the reason for the change is sort of explained it. Honestly, the more we learn about all of the trailers after the infinity War, particularly surprise, has satisfied me with the unexpected end I can say that. What do you think?