The incident was finally resolved with the mysterious girl’s agenda youtube


In our country argue that, for example, which occupy the agenda of Turkey for days when you have mysterious girl crying in the graveyard, the event was finally over. Especially on Youtubeof the event falling on top of With who were being wondering who the mysterious girl is more and more popular. Great Corum staff working in the centre in the month of April at the cemetery, late at night, a young girl came to a certain grave and he was crying at the cemetery, he said. Officials said a similar situation occurred in the next days, after the police finally found the mysterious girl, even the main news bulletins. Even the police minister to the top of the tree during the search, couldn’t find any tangible result. However, police teams on the last day, the girl found in a house near the cemetery.

Mysterious girl found crying in the graveyard

That are mobilized to capture the girl Corum and the surrounding cities have returned to their homes the people of curious people. The unidentified girl was delivered to his family through psychiatric care. On the other hand, the police, the girl’s psychological problems have already explained that. Thus, it’s been proven that the girl is not a myth.

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