The hospital started the development of prison architect with two point


At the end of the 1990s succeeded in becoming popular in the PC platform, with console Theme Hospital‘s new game in the hospital, two point, we were in the players of the year will be presented. Regarded as a sort of sequel of the series, the two-point the hospital‘S Source, was estimated as bullfrog in simulation games, but in an interview with pcgamer, the reason was understood to be quite different.

“Prison Architect gave us confidence.”

2015 the year of in Prison Architect, like other simulation games had a specific gameplay. The prison that you manage to set up the game, mark and Gary Carr who is the head of bullfrog had attracted a lot of attention from Wembley. Producers who met at a gaming Expo was founded in that year encountered a strange situation. In the pursuit of making a new game and Wembley Carr, producer, Studio introversion software, and simulation games were inspired from talking with their fabulous bullfrog it appeared that out. This is the case also when I started working on a new simulation game bullfrog, of course, this two point was the hospital.

Bullfrog in the 1990s, the name we often hear, “theme” known as the producer of the games. Among these, theme park, Theme Aquarium, Theme Hospital and theme park world games like. Carr two point with the hospital and prepared to return to Wembley the game industry, the game in partnership with Sega will offer for sale towards the end of the year 2018.