The highly anticipated RPG, the vampire will cover an area how big?


5 June on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, which will be released for the Vampire‘s announced it will occupy much space. According to the information specified in the game, on the PlayStation 4 platform 14 GB will take up space. This information on Amazon’s page of the game after the world market we can guess how big it would be. Victorian deep RPG elements and is expected to be in England in the last game.

What was the file size of vampire games?

Of the game Xbox One and PC platforms on that will occupy it is not clear exactly how much area. But, again, will occupy an area of close to 14 GB. Dontnod entertainment‘s developed by dozens of the game has to offer or the information provided on how to be a vampire among us mechanical.

In 1918, a doctor in the last game who is Jonathan Reid we’ll check the named character. Finally, the PC on the side, 4K support for PC compared to consoles with the game forgetting that can take up more space in the wing.

At first glance, The Witcher like the series, it is not clear how the optimization of the game would be. Any for the game demo developers who publish it, we hope it manages to keep players happy.