The highly anticipated E3 fair, the largest manufacturer of 2018 who?


The video game world, which is the biggest market of North Americaannual E3 Expo is no longer our days are numbered. Tuesday June 12th , which start on the preparations for the exhibition companies continues unabated. The announcement of new games at the fair where you will be given new information about the games and the advertised companies are excited to sign on to the big show. Like every year, this year’s E3 fair in the stands of the company officials released a plan to see how they are. When looking at the blueprint fair, at E3, we see that Sony still would take up a big space. Sony , together with Bethesda, Ubisoft, Activision and Square Enix occupy a large area at the fair.

E3 stands companies in 2018 how big is it?

However, Nintendo‘s This year in keeping some of the players killing the competition. Sony Nintendo’s separating yourself such as a large area field consists of two parts. Probably Sony will compete with Nintendo at this year’s Expo. Microsoft’s biggest competitor Sony with a section much smaller than its competitors from the diagnosis of other players can accommodate.