The gray dawn announced a new horror game that contains religious items


Interactive, Stone, new, first-person horror game in which the gray dawn‘s has announced that it will be released in the second quarter of 2018. This atmospheric first-person thriller game that was one of the kids suspected of killing Swedish-born pastor Abraham‘I didn’t actually kill his son to prove that they’ll try and portray the players.

Exorcism lovers put that way, according to them the grey Dawn full

Players to interact with objects and find out the mystery behind the lost boy and the priest’s innocence to prove they’re going to solve puzzles that will help to progress in the game. Throughout the game, two players both real and Unreal in the universe, they’ll stick around, and this deception will take you on an adventure between reality and the character rescue them.

Vibrant colors and flowers starting with the previously released trailer, the audience of a fairy tale story, while pushing the ambient darker than the wait, becoming a place like hell, almost shabby. With all the innocence in the middle of the flowers extending boy, this looks like the second image possessed by a bad spirit. Players come and go between the two universes this point. For the game’s release yet the exact date was not given. You can watch the new trailer below.