The Gran Turismo series so far, how can it be sold?


The PlayStation console series, which is one of the most important brands of Gran Turismo, the PlayStation game that sells in a time of was known as. However, developer polyphony Digital‘s resulting from the very slow development of new games and new games no longer since very little against players of Gran Turismo the brand can attract the attention of many players now. Still after him with racing games which can give inspiration to each game of the Gran Turismo series sold out do you wonder how?

The amount of play sold so far of the Gran Turismo series was announced

According to the information described in the new, Gran Turismo managed to sell 80 million units throughout the history of the brand. Sony described by this information, after the success of one of the largest brands owned a PlayStation became apparent. Even according to the authorities, according to these numbers, currently the brand Gran Turismo, Uncharted, God of war and ratchet and Clank as big as the PlayStation brand than has been successful.

Probably the new Gran Turismo Game 5 the PlayStation Store for Sony, Playstation new consoles won’t kill the series have quite. Announcing the Gran Turismo 5 polyphony digital PlayStation’s new game, we already started working on wonder.

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