The god of war to eat if you don’t want spoilers, stay away from Google


God of war meets with the players on April 26, the storm continues. The players who are playing the game according to the comments, the new God of war pretty happy. After officially making the game exit, players YouTube and on various websites, sharing about the god of war began.

Google and YouTube algorithm gives Spoilers

In particular, the complete solutions with the gameplay footage on YouTube and was almost full. Players who do not have the game yet, this video doesnít know what to do to avoid the bombardment of information and enthusiasm for my runner. Reddit emerged as a consequence of a user because as it turns out, Google even players who don’t play the game, almost ready to give you the information that took the fad. According to the information you quoted from Reddit users, Google’s completion feature, the new God of war is a game about giving spoilers. If so, the name of an important character in the game if you type in the Google Search Bar (if you haven’t played the game, definitely don’t try this at home!) the AutoComplete feature completes the sentence you typed and you miss very important information and enthusiasm about the game. The game is still in play if you have Spoilers I guess the only way to get rid of bombardment, disconnect from the internet.