The games made a profit of $ 700 million from Turkey’s indigenous


Turkish game developers by 2017 compared to the previous year exports of 40 percent , and increased to $ 700 million is reached. Export sector, which repeatedly broke records this year, $ 1 billion, is targeting exports.

Economy Minister Nihat zeybekci, told AA correspondent, Turkish popular games around the world signing up to the game developers, they stated that the success in exports continues to increase.

The indigenous games won $ 700 million from Turkey

The game development industry, with projects while earning the admiration of players revealed by a hand, on the other hand, emphasizing the difference in foreign trade Zeybekci, “Turkey, the game developers Association (TOGED), according to data from the sector by 25 per cent the previous year’s exports by 2016, $ 500 million has been reached. This record was recorded as the export of the sector. The growing interest in the Turkish game developers have their games, existing games and new ones with the addition of last year, a new export record was discarded. Exports of the sector increased by 40 percent, and in 2017 reached $ 700 million this time.” he said.

Notable new records are signed each year in the exports of the sector Zeybekci, said.

“Between 2.5 and 10 billion dollars Export for 2023 the Turkish game developers the destination remains. From Turkey received awards from many prestigious international competitions in the last year of catch games export success. Export sector, which repeatedly broke records this year, $ 1 billion, is targeting exports. The gaming software industry as we also we will continue our support for the Ministry of economy.”

“The games gives a lot of foreign currency to the country”

TOGED power of the Board of Directors President Ali said that international interest in the games developed in Turkey increased.

Erkin, new versions of existing games, game companies and individual developers in addition a serious follower of new games in the whole world eagerly reaching audience that was expected, he said.

This interest in the international arena the country who expressed that they were happy to make an activity that would earn foreign exchange Erkin goals stated that they are surely progressing.

“The need for Human Resources in the sector is also growing”

Erkin, from now on, they would endeavour to increase Turkey’s share in global game market that expressed, said:

“Industry and our company grows, our needs for Human Resource are growing. Worked on various areas of game development education for the duration of their concrete work in the industry open doors for everyone who signed. After that, we will work to grow our industry both to the training of human resources needed both.”

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