The game was called Jesus vs Muhammad began to attract the response on steam!


Jesus vs Muhammad the steam mixed

The theme of religion is an important issue to be considered in both games and in the movies. Naturally, we often find examples of this on both sides. we watch movies and games in posting it to get you to deal with the issues of religion. Some of these Productions is entitled to be able to see past the line, but some people just are able to. That’s over the line, to be honest, even in excess of Muhammad vs Jesus named making Steamappeared.

Jesus vs Muhammad named the game steam reaction in draws!

Jesus vs Muhammad, as the name implies Hz.Muhammad (s.a.v.) and Hz. Jesus‘face is a game that brings. Moreover, looking at video and screenshots of this game, which is very important for both the religion of the prophets we see they had even carried arms. Construction is also already in the description of “which is stronger than the Prophet’s” like an absurd statement. Also, “Hz. Jesus‘control is Hz. Muhammad (s.a.v.) the opportunity to resist again as the” extremely absurd explanations. Even The Prophet.Muhammad (s.a.v.) as Hz.Ali‘s game looks at depicting.

Frankly, no matter what their religion, you must be respectful to members of other religions and those religions, you must. Naturally, the game is also fully made to attract attention, unnecessary sounds like a game. Also how are you allowed to steam game a separate topic of discussion.

Browse the game’s steam page here and complaining can ensure the removal of the game from steam.

Jesus vs Muhammad adlı oyun Steam'de tepki çekmeye başladı!