The game server DDoS the hacker who is going to jail!


According to emerging reports, the 38-year-old Romanian play materials, in-game in order to prevent the entry of opponents in the game of World Of Warcraft European servers are exposed to a DDoS attack on the left.

In a statement, the Materials known as person of the players in the game when you combine their power to achieve their goals in the games that he participated. A lot of people having a problem with then in the game, then attempted to do something like this that has an estimated that said.

The decision, according to the 38-year-old hacker, Blizzard will pay the costs of compensation for damage caused to the company. The amount of compensation of 30 thousand dollars .

Living in Romania Materials for the reason of an ongoing investigation by the FBI since November 20th in U.S. custody is being held. Of imprisonment to last for 1 year is expected.

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