The Front Of Attack On Titan 3. the trailer was released at the end of the season


Bumpy despite the progress, action and story details especially striking with the front Attack Titan‘s 3.that is expected from the season we got the news. Finally, this past the month of October with a poster in front of the Attack on Titan anime 3.a promotional video was released of the season. Adapted from the manga of the same name, in this new episode of the series, also the name of the story will begin to be addressed many questions in your head.

Attack on Titan 3 front.the season is coming when?

3.published a promotional video for the season, looking at several different events we see in the center. One of them, of course, Eren and Historia the connection between. followers of the manga know, and 2.towards the end of the season it turns out that Historia is a pretty important character and 3.we’ll get the chance to trace some details about this season.

Another focal point is the promotional video of Levi and Kenny. As I learned again manga of the key characters of the season, Levi will be. Currently one of the coolest characters in the manga and anime, Levi‘s past some traces of 3.we will be able to find in the season. 3 which will be released in July 2018.below you can browse the promotional video of the season.