The first video was leaked before the Fair of rage 2 E3 2018


Bethesda‘s sound for a long time, but when disappointing game Rage‘sequel rumors continue for a long time. E3 2018 , which is expected to be announced at the fair rage 2was the first video of it’s leaked before the Job Fair.

The first video was leaked of rage 2

In fact, rage 2 for the announcement of the company started giving hints for some time. Share the images via social media accounts especially in Bethesda, it’s actually the announcement of the game, that sort of was correct. Still, we can say that the video of the announcement came much earlier than expected. Probably leaked from the video then Bethesda will make the fair without waiting for the official announcement.

When we look at the first video of the game, we see a much different gradation than we expected. Uses real models in the teaser video Bethesda, the game looks like she could turn to the side more fun.

Note: the Video was removed from platforms such as YouTube, but some video players on different platforms continues to install. You can watch the video by clicking here.

If you remember the dynamics of the first game was very good, but the design of the space, subject matter, and has already garnered great reviews due to being stuck in a rut. Apparently, this reviews on Bethesda, rage 2 a much different tone in promote. Tint I was expecting a little more Mad Max style, but still you need to see a gameplay video to fully understand. What do you think?