The first uncharted game successfully running the new version of RPCS3


For a long time developed and emulators PlayStation 3 , among which is perhaps one of the most promising emulsifiers rpcs3 the new version finally, although it is not a very stable way Uncharted Drake’s fortune’came to the level that nu will run as close to the original visually. Now revised for the first Uncharted game as 30 fps 60 fps patch if you can work hard in the next few months will be broadcast also stated.

RPCS3 is now easier to play with Uncharted

Previously RPCS3 played using among the games , Asura’s wrath a game running in 4K 60 fps RPCS3 also God of war collection’I also had succeeded in running in 60 fps. This construction, except for the last of us’s top running a team now to secure progress although not required, Little Big planet and PlayStation 3’un-which is one of the most popular racing games Grand Turismo continues to work on.