The first major expansion pack Battlefield 1 free now


Electronic Arts and DICE , developed by millions of players with the number 1 Battlefield the first major expansion pack for they shall Pass Note To was free. The origin store to obtain this free expansion pack, The expansion pack to add to your library, note the call and they shall Pass will be enough.

The expansion pack increases the game’s options

In this expansion pack Ruptured a map had been free for a few weeks, but now Verdun Heights, De Vaux For the map and heavy tank Soissons, will be open to access for those who find the opportunity to play before. The expansion pack also included the French Army and the grenade in the game, while the defense network that is used to clear the enemy’s Trench Raider class brings.

1 Battlefield for the next major update will take place in the month of June. Operations Shock mod called, the giant’s Shadow, Prise de Stool, Pass Lukow, Zeebrugge and of the Somme River in the map, players will be able to play capture mode 40 40 sector. Also the basic version that has all the players will be able to play this map in shock mode operations.