The first Karate kid Youtube from the series re-in theaters


If you probably have seen Karate kid kid the 90’s the number of children is considerably less. Period to enter the race for the kids kick out of each other that caused you loved the movie, 34 years after going back to the screen with a series of YouTube red.

Red Cobra Kai on May 2 will be published at youtube

Directed by John G. avildsen, 1984 in the film, Daniel larusso, faced with rival Johnny Lawrence, LLC “Pike had managed to kick him in the mouth and beat him with tactics of his opponent.

34 years later, this re binary is facing. Debris after living in the All Valley tournament in 1984, Johnny Lawrence, Cobra Kai Karate school re-opening after two rival fate will bring you together again. The lead in the original movie, Ralph macchio and William Zabka in the lobby. That series will consist of 10 episodes on May 2 including Will Smith Youtube producers will be published on Red. When it was almost time for the publication of the YouTube series,made in 1984, the original Karate kid movie, some movie will be released in theaters in America again. Fans of the film, the premiere of new series in conjunction with will be able to watch the original movie. 34 years later, returning series Red of the Cobra Kai the Karate kid trailer below you can browse the YouTube.