The first information came from Wolfenstein 3 which is being developed


Finally against players II Wolfenstein: the new Colossus with the machine games, Wolfenstein continues to work on the third. Old-style FPS games which has a structure similar to the Wolfenstein series, players of the first game with a good story, the curtain was opened. The same story with the second game continuing the successful construction of a third tour wraps up the story in the game. Machine Gamesat Senior working as a game designer Andreas Wrought, gave some information about the new game.

Wolfenstein 3 will be like?

According to the experienced developer, no more playing the new game will be free. And of their interaction with the surroundings will increase more that indicates that we need to know about the developer’s goals. Ojerfors that identifies themselves as a studio that makes FPS game from the games machine, “If we had a game of Tetris, FPS we used to make it.” is found in the discourse.

Let’s say the Second World War,describing an alternate reality expand Wolfenstein in the third game of the series … what will you have for us? The new game and probably end the war in America‘s we will save. Also it is not yet clear whether there will be mechanical changes. Finally, the players of the game at E3 2018 wants to be shown at the fair.