The first horror game agony patch, what changes in the game


Last week, the players meet with so many ways became the focus of criticism in Agony. Production company Studio Madminddue to criticisms in the gameplay released a patch that will provide some ease.

Agony of the first patch in the game, what fixes?

Agony departing last week, it was a game that is often spoken the name before. Implemented into the game censorshipin the game contained sexually explicit scenes get a reaction, the story of the game from the gameplay had been much spoken of dynamics. A lot of mistakes in the game, the gameplay dynamics are quite weak, the checkpoint there are not enough points in the game the players’ reaction drew. Madmind Studio production company released the first patch is trying to solve some problems with. The game from the first patch , along with a series of solved the problem. With the incoming update added the option to change the difficulty of the game. The character running, swimming Speed Increased. Checkpoint extra points added to some sections. Some problematic puzzles, with easy puzzles and was replaced. Reduced the powers of some enemy types. In this, the first patch contains many updates that affect gameplay, which, let’s agony very unpopular by the players should be taught to new players.

Agony review

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