The first F1 Racing game, 2018-game footage appeared in


Codemasters developed by every year, Formula 1 has managed to provide players with excitement in the new game of the series F1 in 2018 for the first gameplay footage revealed.

Published video includes gameplay footage

Today developer Codemasters, FIA Formula One World Championship 2018for 2018, which is an official F1 video game in-game released a video with footage. In the video, Alfa Romeo, sauber F1 Team Charles Leclerc 2018 exhibit F1 enhanced visuals of the games, while iconic streets of Monaco the Sauber C37 toured with.

Charles Leclerc 2018 in a statement related to F1, F1 to play the game he loves and he says he misses the competition out of the truck. Thanks to the thrill of Formula 1 game by moving it off the track that is playing to have fun, he added.

Game Director F1 2018 Mother Lee, the player-controlled Energy recycling system (ERS) – vehicle physics attached to the case, is it more original and exciting Formula 1 races with more variety to the player experience would offer, he said. The art director of the game, Stuart Campbell and posted the video for the F1 in 2018, the in-game clouds, the sky, the atmosphere and the improvements in visuals means that it can be easily seen.

F1 in 2018 on August 24, PS4, Xbox One and PC will have a place in the market for. You can watch the video below published.