The first concept designs for the Avengers 4 may be leaked


First, as always Infinity War to those who watch Spoiler warning, let’s put out. The Avengers: Infinity War‘s eyes after the shocking conclusion, of course, yet the name is non-specific 4 The Avengers movie has turned into. Of course, in advance, Ant man and the Wasp , except for Captain marvel films we will meet with you. Both characters also the Avengers 4is expected to take place and play an important role. Especially the infinity War‘s The key if you think about it the secret ending of captain marvel is that we might say. This much-anticipated new Avengers movie rumors also began to arrive.

Concept designs were leaked for the Avengers 4

Which will be released May 3, 2019 Avengers 4 some visuals for today appeared. These concept designs are not yet certain whose Avengers 4is alleged to belong to. Of course, Disney or Marvel leaked footage comments on the subject by this as rumor for now, because we accept. So, there’s a chance for lack of validation’re a fan drawing.

Avengers 4 için ilk konsept tasarımları sızdırılmış olabilir

The Avengers 4alleged to belong to when we look at images in the first image we see a combination of the surviving heroes. Thor, Nebula, Iron Man, Rocket, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America and war machine like the infinity Waroutside of the characters we saw in ant-man, Hawkeye , and of course, captain marvel , this concept in the design of is taking place. Also this is the first image in the Hulk‘s It is also noteworthy that costume you are wearing.

2. visuals only Thanos‘u we see. The infinity gauntlet – mounted solid in the hand standing Thanos, also holds a new weapon we haven’t seen before.

Avengers 4 için ilk konsept tasarımları sızdırılmış olabilir

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