The final game of the walking dead series will be released in August


Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: season will meet in the first part of the final on August 14. Clementine does the story end?

The Walking Dead: final season release date announced

Tellltale of the walking dead The Walking Dead game series final: in the first episode of the final season August 14will be published. PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game will be released for the Nintendo switch the release date is not yet known.

It would not be wrong to say we grew quite. The fight for survival in a brutal world who is determined to continue until the end of Clementine‘s fate will be the question of what telltale of the walking dead game is the biggest question mark in the minds of the followers. AJ took full responsibility for Clementine’s latest adventure for the next named Shorty, who we’ll have to wait until the month of August. Telltale The Walking Dead: final season release date announced after an outlet trailer has been released. He learned from the kid next to Lee and Clementine trailer is seen in teaching them the principles of survival. “Well what will you do if I’m bitten?” question as far as we understand from the trailer that ends with still a full season of drama awaits us.