The famous footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic took control of Twitch broadcasts


YouTube‘s allowing us to stay in constant interaction with the players while playing games unlike the Twitch platform, continues to grow day by day. Of course the publishers of the games to have a big contribution to this growth. After the influx of people in the Media we often see the twitch, this time around the world, the famous footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic also appeared in a publication twitch. His sister’s Fortnite who is a guest on broadcasts Ibrahimovic, a broadcast announcement when you can share it from his personal Twitter account, thousands of people started watching the broadcast at a time. Thus, the famous footballer of a tight Fortnite is a player that we have learned. Already the announcement of the game when you look at the share screen, you can see there are high levels in the fortnite Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic began broadcasting the game

Ünlü futbolcu Zlatan Ibrahimovic Twitch yayınlarına el attı

Ibrahimovic recently famous rap artist, alongside Drake a Twitch had been a guest on broadcasts. Twitch of the ninja, which is the most watched broadcaster of the publication of the guest with Drake , thanks to the famous Publisher broke rating records. Twitch also broadcasts periodically serhat akın let us state that our country did as a football player. As we’ll see when we get to the end which will have more in the coming days twitch take the next step?