The famous film director John Carpenter quite liked Far Cry 5


 The thing, big trouble in little China, escape from New York cult Director of films such as, beyond the madness, Halloween, the classic horror movies of the ‘ 90s such as the father of writer and Director, 70-year-old John Carpenter, Far Cry was a fan.

“Fun gameplay, great graphics”

Official Twitter account actively uses Carpenter posted the following tweet from your Twitter account.” In Montana last of the religious cult that seized the city of Hope Far Cry 5 is an open world action game. Fun gameplay, great graphics…” publicity stunt or not I don’t know, but it’s like a master director’s to share insights on issues related to Far Cry 5 is quite interesting.

John Carpenter was actually very distant to the world of the game, it’s not a name. Especially hideo Kojima‘s favorite Directors. That trademark Kojima, Metal Gear Solid’main character solid snake’when I made escape from New York 1981 John Carpenter wrote and directed the movie, The main character of snake plissken, it is known that they were inspired from. Kojima many MGS in a game it’s a reference to the John Carpenter film and the character in the film, often expressed his admiration for the Director. Never before has a horror game fear 3’which contributed to the scenario, John Carpenter “as a player I am and I like to game,” he said.

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