The famous actor jet Li’s final made fans nervous


Finally, the hell’s Angels to Hollywood veteran actor from the film series back thanks to jet Li‘s latest captured image the fans are nervous. 55 years old who is jet Li’s last captured image, the actor was quite old and shows that feel sick at all. Sorry for the fans in the aftermath of this square jet Li, jet Li’s manager received a message from. Manager, jet Li’s bad because of the bad light and bad angle in the picture announces its exit. However, the agent believed to be jet Li’s fans. Because of many followers, just bad lighting and bad angle, because of this kind of plant will emerge in a state of a person that they didn’t believe.

Jet Li published a photo of the player it made the fans quite nervous,

Ünlü aktör Jet Li'nin son hali hayranlarını tedirgin etti

And after that, jet Li, Facebook responded to the message account that is good. He asked me to thank the fans who are curious about themselves and taking part in new projects.

Especially Romeo must die ” jet Li’s hero and the films etched in the memory of the re-action films, and it is not known whether is back on the court. Developing the career of a experienced player let’s in what way do you see? Together we will see.

Ünlü aktör Jet Li'nin son hali hayranlarını tedirgin etti