The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Game Guide


This guide contains a complete example of the main tasks of V: Skyrim if Elderly is given. Most importantly, the explanations have information on the ways in which the main and subsidiary tasks, and the possible options, are complementary, allowing different ways to complete the task. The examples also include instructions for solving puzzles and hints on combat using different game styles. The most important moments in the whole package are enriched with high quality screen images.




Additional notes

The guide contain the following colour symbols:

  • Red refers mostly to NPC that you will come across throughout the game, though it’s also used to mark enemies, wild animals and monsters.
  • Blue refers to locations, both the main ones that appear on the world map, as well as the secondary like single houses or deeper dungeon levels.
  • Green refers to items that you find throughout the game, which end up in the inventory after picking up
  • Orange refers mainly to names of Shouts and Words of Power, though skills used to complete quests have also been marked (e.g. Speech), as well as actions connected with them (e.g. obtaining a book raising the level of a given skill).

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