The Director of gone days of the game, don’t know whether it was finished in a few hours


Syphon Filter‘s developer Sony bend Studio‘s new game the days are gone, was able to create a big expectation on the players. Action, survival, open world elements and a combination of blending, the game’s director, issued a statement of interest. In an interview a question about the time of completion of the game’s field Director , Chris Reece, the game said he didn’t know that it was finished in a few hours. Reese stating that too much time to finish the game, it is possible to spend quite as much time in the world, he said. Unlike a game with a witty tongue praising the director, the answer to this, already will be finished in a few hours of the game was recently announced.

Gone are the days of taking a few hours to finish a game is it?

First shown at E3 2016 at the trade fair Days have goneI finish, than 30 it takes more. Game Informer of this information by in the direction of the main scenario we should just note that it takes approximately around 30 hours. Side missions into the gameplay this time is up to 40 hours when signing up. E3 2018 , which is expected to be shown at the fair, accompanied by a small presentation for the new game, let’s will please the players? Gone are the days will come in 2019 specified that only can be played on the PlayStation 4.