The developers spoke about the Deus Ex series of peak Eidos


Interesting theme to have the Qur’an in the hearts of gamers with the throne of privacy and successful action series , Deus Ex, finally 2016 23 August in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with the name in front of the player. The intervening period of two years after the game, the developers have heard fans of the game and the new one from Deus Ex I had always thought that the brand had left. However, developers Eidos, Deus Ex said that he didn’t die of the brand. The peak of one of the developers of the firm, David Anfossi, and believes that for future games you need to plan it properly should be.

Eidos Deus Ex, they explained that the developers didn’t die in the series

In fact, the sense of deep gameplay mechanics to the players in offering items Deus Ex series of corny in a way, it would be wrong to take action against the players. Especially section design of the game to enhance fine details, a great it takes time. So, develop a new Deus Ex game, and is quite costly and the company will be a project that will take more time. Developers who are currently working on other projects, we hope eighth-generation console before the end of the generation of a new Deus Ex game develop more.