The developer of mafia 3, hangar 13 than a new game’s coming?


The latest in 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one for the departing acquaintance with Mafia 3 and 2K Hangar 13, a new studio is opening. According to the studio hangar 13 2K opened in Brighton. This studio will work on a completely new standard AAA game.

Mafia 3 the developer of a new studio Hangar 13 more opened.

In the UK, opened a studio Hangar 13 at the beginning; previously Black Rock Studio’s split/second racing game named with a well-known name is Nick Barnes. In a press announcement, many talented game developers come together in our new studio where specified. Yet made a statement regarding this new game by 2K and hangar than 13. Developing Hangar 3 latest Mafia 13, mafia the players who love the series, I have been very satisfied. Criticized the mission structure of the game, and many players have indicated that ozdeslesmed with the main character. Developed by 2K’s hangar 13 let s and are new to this game What will be. As E3 approached to 2018, may come to a description of the parties related to the subject.