The Detroit demo was released, but everyone who downloads (updated)


God of war‘s eyes slowly after release of the game will continue as long as the wind although Detroit: become human‘began to be translated into. Sony‘s launch this year the construction of one of the big guns will grace the shelves in the next month. Curious how any explanation about the demo of the game so far, although it is not a surprise demo was released on PSN today. Posted on April 24 indicated that this demo will be opened up.

UPDATE: the demo of the game will be published tomorrow in other countries.

Detroit: released the demo become human

Unfortunately the demo is the game that arise in a surprising way a global basis, was released on. Now I have only posted this demo via PSN of New Zealand or other countries, it is not clear if they can be published in a global sense. Do not make a statement about the demo already Sony, naturally, has not given any information about this.

When we look at the information of the demo, we see that it is 2.92 GB in size. Probably a certain part of the game, or exhibition, which will take you across one of the sections we have seen before in this demo has the option of dubbing and subtitles in several languages. The subtitle option has not been included Turkish among these languages. As you know, we have Turkish subtitle option available in the game will be released on 25th May.

Detroit demosu yayınlandı ama herkes indiremiyor (Güncellendi)