The death of Superman trailer was shared from the full animation


The death of Superman animation from the first trailer released. DC Universe DC the death of Superman fans from the world of animation is growing rapidly, is expected to attract the attention of the trailer easily. Last year’s San Diego Comic-con to be announced during the death of Superman published in 1992, Superman will be adapted from the comics of the same name.

Superman Doomsday the death of Superman in animation and is facing

DC Cinematic universe launched at the end of Batman V. Superman movie counted we have seen these two fight, and the fight with DC, which is more successful in the animation field is now once again we’ll be watching. In the animation, the flash across, except for Superman, Green Lantern, other characters, such as Wonder Woman. Supermanclick , Jerry O’Connell, for Batmanclick it , Jason o’mara, Green Lanternclick , Nathan fillion, Wonder Womanclick Rosario Dawson, Aquamanclick Matt lanter and Cyborg‘u If Shemar Moore will perform.

The death of Superman this summer, will be published in the month of August. In the trailer we see Doomsday coming to earth and entering a battle against all the heroes. Then Superman takes place in the war. The death of Superman 7 Augustin can be watched.