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We remember the scandals with the name Ubisoft downgrade periods generally began to fall slowly back. French game developer over the last two origins, Assassin’s Creed 5 and Far Cry along with a negative image in the minds of the players to delete slowly, leaves a positive mood. This positive air enables developers to come against us, instead of bringing the morale of more ambitious productions.

2 Preliminary Examination Of The Crew

Ubisoft’s the crew, which was released in the past year, need for speed opened on top of fail with his productions, so we went with the claim of closing the gap came. The first game that puts a giant map of the United States, with sales figures missing from Ubisoft had managed to please even though there are. Published in time with updates and DLC is developed as a contextual building on the second game, will hit the shelves on June 29th. Today, however, the closed beta players of the game were presented. Merlin’s general manager in charge of the track I kazani, wasting no time, I went down and the crew Beta 2 offers what to us, and potentially in the full version of the game I wanted to tell you that expects to experience our services. If you wish, without further ado, let’s do this. First, crew 2 At first glance, what is the difference from the first game?

The Crew 2 Kapalı Beta

Crew 2 At first glance, you will see the biggest difference in the graphics of the game naturally there have been recent developments. As you may remember in the first game, the exit after a while, got a big graphics update and the game is modified with physical based rendering system and there was almost metaryel skip a generation. The crew 2 comes from the output using this system. However, much more clean and high quality from the first game is being credited to the player in a manner that can indicate whether. The first structure that is more brilliant in the second game the factors is minimized. Also made an intensive study on lighting at first glance attracts attention. Especially the view of the city lights in the evening really is an amazing accomplishment. It is certain that Forza horizon 3 will engage in a fierce competition with lighting about, or even that are more successful at some points I can even describe it. But we still can’t hold a candle to the Gran Turismo sport, you need to specify it.

The Crew Vehicle Types 2

An intensive study of coatings on the side. Especially compared to the first game in the cockpit view seems to be much more detailed and clear. Usually if you are playing in the cockpit view in racing games, I can say I’m more than satisfied. The same class with the details on the roads is passing. But in the game in the Visual sense, in view of the situation that will excite you the most is stored. The drawing distance of the game is so big, when you reach the top of a mountain, literally under your feet you can feel almost all America. Lights of distant cities, the landscape that occurs when the sun rises, I wish open world game like GTA map using the same engine and manages to get to say if tell. Actually, seriously, Ubisoft, why this map wouldn’t you think?

Let’s get back to this. In the first game, although the game is found in the major cities of the United States, we remember that it was not designed very detailed. This is a city which gives a feeling very empty, forcing the player to play out of town. In the second game, this situation is corrected in a significant way. Now you can see the genius of people walking in the city. The city, which is decorated with a lot more detail, of course, GTA, or watch Dogs, although not enough coverage for the car racing game that we can say.

The Crew 2 Kapalı Beta

Big improvements on the sound side present. Personally, most of the first game it was one of the things I really don’t like the sound of the car. The recording with the help of like, computer generated with the help of revolting as engine sounds, the grunts he left the wiper motor to place your ears in the second game. Friction from the wheels of the vehicles sounds, environmental sounds and I have completed the whole of the shortcomings of the first game proved yesterday that it is closed.

After putting aside the visual and aural innovations of the game by the gameplay and variety let us look at what have to offer. First, the crew 2, now only one car racing is not a game. The plane, motor, automobile, motor boat that you can use different tools such as a sports game can say that. The situation is a bit had the opposite effect when it was first introduced, and Ubisoft dedirtmis that you could handle this though, after playing the beta I can say that the majority of my concerns have disappeared. In total, land, sea and air, including all of the tools crafted with loving attention and detail that falls into three categories. Other types of vehicles of any type has been done towards the transition to fluency, and it doesn’t give olmamislik feeling pretty well.

2 The crew how big is the map?

However, for many of us the most important categories being cars and other land vehicles on account of the innovations and improvements on the first side let’s talk about like what’s because it is. Firstly, of course the most important status in a racing game, the driving physics. Heavily criticized and don’t like in the first game that makes you feel like it’s slipping on the wheels of the vehicles we present major improvements in physics. Feels the weight of these vehicles. Especially off-road vehicles can go anywhere and it feels really convinces you that their weight. The developers which made an intensive effort to effect the suspension, weight of the vehicle by turning the camera to the side for a long time that will lead to track and study the movements of the suspension. Same care goes for the engines, I’d say. There are improvements in road vehicles, but off-road on the side of improvements is not as radical as I can tell. Vehicles with weight of weight can make you feel improvements on the side, but still full of feeling could be don’t with it was slipping. The first game I can also specify what you expect of more challenging driving experience. Modified on the side, yet I have not had the chance to stroke to detail. Probably because it is a beta, these features is not currently active. The next major output from the full review of the game I’ll explain these points in detail.

The Crew 2 Kapalı Beta

Air Tools aerobatic planes waiting for us on the side. The use of single-engine propeller aircraft quite enjoyable, especially if you use these tools that are perfect for sightseeing also isn’t as hard as it looks. A few minutes after the practice phase, the controls are mastered, you begin to float in the heavens. Sea tools was the weakest part of the game I can say that. Flatten the seas are generally calm won’t enjoy much in advance. We can say that never in the game would be. Instead of sailing ships, speed boats, if it had, maybe it could be more enjoyable.

The race types in the game as far as I’ve seen in the beta of the first game from a to point B with almost the same again to the races on land based on race and looks. Collect major points in the plane as you fly between the cones with the acrobatics or you have your own business. Sea tools for similar tasks. We can say that we’ll have a fun time racing on the side. Online game modes will be enough to keep us content for a long time at the beginning.

The Crew 2 Kapalı Beta

Long story short, I played the Closed Beta 2 The crew within a period of 2-3 hour I would say that my expectations have been met yet. Improvements in the driving physics, visual innovations on the side of cities that isn’t as empty as he used to, Forza Horizon features such as smooth transitions between different vehicle types and we can say that 3 now has a serious competitor. Let’s impress us even more content and features with the full version Ubisoft will she be able to?

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