The Council 2. partition, hide and seek will be published when?


Frequently encountered in the new generation games, and the players are published chapter by Chapter to meet with the Council in the month of May with the second part of pending will meet. Louis de Richet‘s story continues in the first section of the decision all over the island, as also the effects seem to dominate. Choices made when the game was introduced on this issue will directly affect the story and said that the makers of the game had a very ambitious attitude displayed.

The second part of the Council will be published in mid-May

The second section, which will be published on May 15, The name of hide and seek, the first episode of the mad ones was published on 13 March. In the second section of the first screenshots for the mansion to explore new areas, as well as the new characters we’ll see on the island you can see. With whom will burn? Who can you trust? Sarah also richet will you find? The answer to these questions the Council which is the second part of hide and seek‘and will be shaped by the decisions you will make.

The Council 2. bölümü, Hide and Seek ne zaman yayınlanacak?

The Council 2. bölümü, Hide and Seek ne zaman yayınlanacak?

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and steam in the game hide and seek on May 17, which will be sold to players who have purchased a two-day prioritizing, and you will be able to download it on May 15.