The Collector’s edition of God of war, fell into the Turkish Black Market


Past April 20 against the players on the new God of warreceived review scores and sales, thanks to Sony and Santa Monica‘t I am quite happy. A special Collector’s Edition in preparing for the game Developer Team, this version is very little produced. This opportunity to the Black Market the price of the Collector’s version of the beloved stokladi. If you want to buy the Collector’s version of new God of war currently various e – commerce sites for $ 1200 you can buy at a price around.

God of war collection version of our country in the hands of the vendors, unfortunately, hits the Black Market

God of War'un koleksiyoncu sürümü, Türk kara borsasına düştü

Almost the PlayStation 4which coincides with the price of about the price is expensive, don’t feel yourself alone because we like to think so. Abroad, normally $ 130 I would advise you to buy from abroad is sold at prices like this version of. Probably abroad if you receive from this version, you will be able to buy it at a cheaper price including taxes.

Such players are expected in our country in the games self-cooling vendors the only thing we can do to prevent this policy is implemented by buying the product.